Creative Commons

If you’ve been through a North American school system then you are probably familiar with how plagiarism was highly frowned upon when completing projects. For this reason, students are shown exactly how to cite an author’s original work. However, what many students are never taught is that plagiarizing is not only wrong because you aren’t completing an assignment yourself, but because you are taking credit for someone else’s hard work. Outside from classrooms, Creative Commons is an excellent way to make sure you are giving the author the credit they want for their work. Creative Commons is a website that creators can use to generate copyright licenses.

screenshot of the creative commons website

I decided to generate my own Creative Commons License for this website to see how easy the process is! I was able to create a license in a minute that shows users that I do not want adaptations of my work to be shared and I don’t allow commercial uses of my work.

my license! can be found at the bottom of my blog

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