About Me

My name is Maeve Poulin and I currently am completing the second year of my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at the University of Victoria. When not studying or on practicum, I teach an improv and a musical theater class for preschool and school aged children. These classes are my favourite part of the week because they allow me to combine my two passions in life- teaching and drama. When I eventually graduate, I hope to become a drama or music teacher so that I can continue to combine both of my passions. Another thing I love to do is travel and I am always planning my next trip. My next destinations are a road trip to Lake Louise in Alberta and Disneyland!

Berlin, Germany
London, England
Athens, Greece

My Teaching Philosophy

My personal teaching philosophy is based on experiences I had in school.  I want to establish relationships with all my students so that they feel like they are all treated equally and have someone who is interested in their lives.  With the classes that I teach at the recreation center I always have a “question of the day” for my students to answer.  This way it gives everyone a chance to speak at least once a class and share something about themselves.  As educators, I believe that our actions have such a strong impact on our students’ lives.  Especially in the elementary years, I believe that we are not only responsible for teaching them numeracy and literacy skills, but how to be kind and caring individuals.  By showing an interest in my students’ lives, I hope that one day they will reciprocate that with other people in their lives.  I also try to foster a positive learning environment in every class I teach by modelling positivity and enthusiasm for my students.