Feedback for Ariana Kelly’s Blog Post #1

Ariana I really enjoyed your blog post this week on multimedia and interactive learning! I strongly agree with your point on living in a technology based world. Due to this and the global pandemic that is currently effecting us, incorporating technology into the classroom is as important as ever. Most schools will remain partially online in the fall (and indefinitely) so I agree that the resources and information we will get from this class will greatly benefit us as educators.

I also want to work with younger students in the future, so I share your interest in learning how to use technology with that age group while keeping screen time low and parents happy. As much as I believe technology is important in the classroom, I would prefer to have my young students outside and interacting with each other. I hope that this class or you will show me how to find a balance of these two things.

Finally, I liked how you provided a short summary of each of the readings from this week. I think that if you continue to do this, it will benefit you greatly after this class is over. I have just been writing down the readings/websites we’ve read in my notes but you’ve inspired me to write blog posts about them now!

Feedback for Erin Fletcher’s Blog Post #1

What a great read Erin! I really enjoyed your blog post on the importance and definitions of multimedia and interactive learning. You have a very clear voice when explaining these concepts in your blog post which made it both easy and interesting to read. I also liked how you connected what you learned to your prior experience on practicum when you read a picture book to your students. I thought that this made your reflection very strong and meaningful. I taught grade 6 on my last practicum, so I did not read a lot of picture books with them. However, I had a similar experience to the one that you did when I showed my students a YouTube video. They not only were more engaged, but actually remembered more than other single media teaching methods we used.

Moving forward, I’m interested to see how you would incorporate multimedia and interactive learning into your classroom. I know that you have many great ideas from working with you previously, so I hope to learn more from you soon.

Feedback for Alyssa Lloyd’s Blog Post #1

What a great blog post! I really appreciate how honest you were when describing your fears for this class. I also find technology very intimidating but I believe your positive attitude going into this class will help you learn lots and succeed! It is important to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and I am excited to see what you are able to produce during this class. I am also very excited to start this learning process with you as one of your learning pod members.

I liked how you explained the difference between technology-centered and learner-centered approaches to multimedia learning. When I read through Introduction to Multimedia Learning, I did not focus on this topic as much as others, so I found it interesting to read what you had to say about it. With your explanation, I have gained a broader understanding of it now! Personally, I think that I will be using more of the learner-centered approach to multimedia learning in the classroom, but I am interested to see what you think.