Week #8- Vision Board Workshop

On Sunday I completed a vision board workshop to help me with my goal setting for 2019. I had a general idea of what goals I wanted to accomplish this year after journalling for the whole month of January, but this workshop helped me solidify these goals. To start, the workshop instructor discussed the benefits of goal setting and how manifesting your goals can actually help you accomplish them faster. The instructor believes that if you envision your goals every day, for example on a vision board, then you have a greater chance of actually completing those goals. They believe that this method triggers your sub-conscious brain to start guiding you towards taking the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality. I am always interested in learning new things and working towards becoming the best version of myself, so I am excited to see if this method works for me.

Next, the instructor took us through a guided meditation to help us envision our goals. At first, I had difficulty getting into the meditation mindset, but I really tried to use the tips that I have learned and listen to the sound of my instructors voice and block out all other thoughts. As the meditation progressed, I found myself truly listening and envisioning exactly what she was asking us to.

After the meditation it was time to create our own vision boards! Before the workshop I printed out a few mantras that I wanted to manifest and photos of my goals for 2019. After the meditation I realized that there were a few more goals that I wanted to add to my vision board so I just printed out those photos at home after the workshop and added them to my board. The only thing left to do was glue everything onto a poster board like a collage! I personally love arts & crafts so creating the vision board was so much fun for me.

If you want to create your own vision board at home here’s how!

  1. Pin point goals that you want to accomplish for a certain time period! I decided to do my goals for 2019 but there is no rule as to what you have to create your vision board for. You can do a monthly vision board, a seasonal vision board… the opportunities are endless. To do this you can look up a guided meditation like this one
  2. Print off photos that remind you of your goals. Try to make your goals specific to the photo so that it’s the first thing that you envision when you see that photo. I also printed off a few mantras that I want to help shape my mindset.
  3. Get crafting! Simply glue your photos down on the poster board and decorate it however you would like! I added a border, a title & a few 2-D shapes to mine.
  4. Put your vision board in a place that you will see it every day & start manifesting your goals! Look at your vision board at least once a day & imagine how it FEELS to accomplish your goals & how you would complete them. Put yourself into the mindset of achieving your goals & eventually you will.
my vision board

I encourage you to make your own vision board! Remember you & your goals are allowed to change so if there’s something on your vision board that doesn’t interest you anymore, just change it! Also, I would recommend putting something on your vision board that you have already accomplished just to get the ball rolling 😉

Good luck!


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