Visit to the “Inquiry Teacher’s” classroom

On Tuesday my EDCI 336 class had the opportunity to visit Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt’s aka the Inquiry Teacher’s classroom. Rebecca is co-author to Inquiry Mindset, a book about fostering curiosity in the classroom, runs the popular instagram account @inquiryteacher, and teaches kindergarten full-time! I was really inspired by how accomplished Rebecca is for being a young teacher and I know that I want to adopt her teaching methods into my own classroom one day.

Rebecca stressed that one of the most important roles as a teacher is to bring the inquiry, wonder and curiosity out of students. Here are some of the ways that she does this.

from Rebecca’s presentation

Growing up with the old BC curriculum, I am very unfamiliar with the inquiry mindset but I love learning about it! I think that fostering creativity and curiosity in students is very important because I know so many people who have never been able to find their passions in life. With the new curriculum, we get to help students find what they find interesting in life!

One of my favourite methods that Rebecca uses in her classroom is called the wonder-wall. This wall has pictures of all of her students with thought bubbles beside them and inside the bubbles are questions that her students are wondering currently. Her students were wondering about skin tones to why people think differently. I love when young learners surprise me with what they are capable of thinking about! As I continue with my education I need to remember to have a growth mindset so that I never underestimate my students’ abilities.

For the privacy & safety of the students, I have blurred out their faces because I do not have permission to share pictures of them. This is something you should always be checking before you post a photo!

To keep up constantly with Rebecca & all of her inquiry ideas I recommend following her on twitter @rbathursthunt


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