Midterm Reflection #1

I started playing the ukulele 3 years ago and my obsession with this little instrument only grew from there. I used to practice every day up until September of this year. I still loved playing my ukulele, but with new school and work schedules, I found it very difficult to make time to practice. This is why I am so thankful for this course because I have been able to make time for my ukulele again! Since the middle of January when I create my “Final Growth” assignment schedule, I have been sticking to the practice days I have outlined on my schedule. It has not always been easy to make time to practice but I am thankful that I have because I have already started to see growth.

Before taking EDCI 306B, I had no idea that I was holding my ukulele wrong. Because of this, I was never able to stand up and play because I was not supporting the base of my ukulele correctly. When I began to practice properly holding my ukulele, I quickly found out that it would be difficult to change my old ukulele handling habits. Even after the midterm, I am still struggling to keep my left thumb down on the finger board, as you will see in both of my midterm evidence of growth videos. Before, I would always play with my thumb resting halfway up the board so my thumb will start to creep back into that position as I am playing. Moving forward, I will have to continue to practice keeping my thumb down and supporting the base of my ukulele. My goal is to be able to easily play the ukulele while standing up and to keep my left thumb in the correct position.


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