Feedback for Erin Fletcher’s Blog Post #1

What a great read Erin! I really enjoyed your blog post on the importance and definitions of multimedia and interactive learning. You have a very clear voice when explaining these concepts in your blog post which made it both easy and interesting to read. I also liked how you connected what you learned to your prior experience on practicum when you read a picture book to your students. I thought that this made your reflection very strong and meaningful. I taught grade 6 on my last practicum, so I did not read a lot of picture books with them. However, I had a similar experience to the one that you did when I showed my students a YouTube video. They not only were more engaged, but actually remembered more than other single media teaching methods we used.

Moving forward, I’m interested to see how you would incorporate multimedia and interactive learning into your classroom. I know that you have many great ideas from working with you previously, so I hope to learn more from you soon.


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