Week #10

After 1 week of meditating, I was hoping to feel like a completely new person- completely mindful & not stressful or anxious at all. That did not happen. Instead, I found the week very frustrating because meditating seemed like a job that I was forcing myself to do and so I constantly found myself procrastinating it. Then, when I did meditate I found it very difficult to keep my mind clear and thoughts would constantly flood through my brain. I started the week with a guided meditation video and as the week progressed I also tried to meditate by myself. I found the tips from my last blog post really helped me when meditating without a video, especially when you count your breaths to help keep your mind clear.

I never realized how difficult the meditation practice is. I always thought that it would be easy to think about nothing for 5 minutes, but I even struggled with that. Now that I have acknowledged my struggles, I am going to try setting a smaller goal. My next goal is to meditating at least 3 times a week and only when my body & mind feels ready to meditate. This is a SMART goal because it is more attainable than my last one. My limiting belief is that I will not be able to accomplish even this small goal and will remain frustrated and unable to meditate. Now that I have identified my limiting belief, I am able to address it by reminding myself that I am aware of the benefits of meditation, so my sub-conscious brain will keep pushing me to meditate. I also need to remember that I am a beginner, and it will be difficult to meditate at first but with practice anything is possible.

If you are ever struggling with accomplishing your goals I encourage you to identify & address your limiting beliefs. Once they are out of your way, there is nothing stopping you from success!


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