Video/Audio Editing Workshop

Today in my EDCI 336 class we had the opportunity to learn all about video editing with iMovie, screen capturing with Screencastify, and audio editing with Garage Band. Personally, I own a PC computer and so I was very unfamiliar with iMovie/Garage Band besides making 2 movie trailers with my friend in the 5th grade… so this was a very beneficial workshop for me! I think that iMovie will be an excellent resource when I have my own classroom in the future. I remember loving to make those movie trailers when I was a kid so I can see my future students loving it too. For example, I would use iMovie in english class as an alternative to writing a book report. Screencasitfy ( is another great resource that I think students will really enjoy. This chrome program can be easily downloaded onto your computer and it allows you to record what is happening on your computer screen. You can also video tape yourself at the same time and it will appear in the corner of your screen. I would use screencasitfy as an alternate way for students to give a powerpoint presentation. The last program that we were introduced to in the workshop was garage band. Personally, I use audacity to edit my music but I found both programs were easy to use. I would use garage band in music class so that my students could edit/create their own music.

Rich McCue, a Digital Scholarship Commons Coordinator who led the workshop, was kind enough to let me share his resources from the workshop so I included them below…. (free background music that students can use for their garage band projects) (Video Editing) (Rich’s website with more resources) (Garage Band)


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